ReviewAGuest QuickSearch is an installable desktop application that allows you to search the ReviewAGuest customer database without having to use the website. It only allows the user to search so you do not have to worry about your employees entering data on a customer.

Read Before Installing

When you install QuickSearch, the installer will check your system to insure that you have the necessary software installed so that it will run properly. If your computer needs extra software, the installer will download and install the software for you. After it is finished, it will ask you to reboot and after your computer has rebooted, the QuickSearch install will continue.

Windows XP (SP3), Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8

ReviewAGuest QuickSearch is currently only compatible with Windows XP Service Pack 3, Vista and later editions. There will be no support for Windows XP SP2 and below. If you have Windows XP SP2 or below, you can download Windows XP Service Pack 3 here.

You must have a paid subscription to ReviewAGuest in order to use QuickSearch. When you have subscribed, come back to this page and a download link will show up allowing you to download the installer.

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